Back To Church

It’s been a bit hard to get back in the habit of going to church. After I get done working all week, it’s nice to have some dedicated time to spend with my wife and son.

When I think about going places, I mentally compute a high burden on the “getting ready”, “getting there”, and “getting back” parts. This probably leads to me staying home and being more of a hermit than I should. But it is the way it is.

Anyways, the time and effort required to get ready to go to a place is already high, plus I want to spend that time on something else, and so we haven’t been attending church. Of course the whole “sell your house, move to another state, start a new life” thing is a good excuse to get out of the usual routines for a bit. But I hold myself to a high standard and know that excuses are just that… excuses.

As this city has so much native and Spanish influence, there tend to be a lot of traditional (ie Catholic) churches. Finding something with a more evangelical twist is naturally harder. Combine that with the fact that my wife and I are fairly particular about the churches we like, and it’s obviously been hard to get back in the habit of going to church.

But I said I hold myself to a high standard. It’s sometimes a burden. But I consider it a blessing, mostly. Something God has put in my heart that’s always been a constant call back to Him. Some people don’t have it. I thank God I have it. It’s probably the most important thing God has given me.

Combine the aforementioned with the fact that I consider myself the leader of my family, and it’s quickly obvious to me that I am ultimately accountable for getting my family back in the good habits we need to be in. It’s been hard, but I think we’re actually going to attend a potential home church this morning!