Starting a new job & buying a new house

I accepted a new job at a SaaS service. They make an open source product and offer the product as a hosted service. It seems like a great spot thus far… folks are friendly and helpful.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in specialized areas and have not been able to grow as an engineer working with a variety of technologies. This new job is sort of a “reset” for me where I can step back and get back to fully working across the stack.

Simultaneously, we happen to be searching for a home to buy. Today we found a great townhome in a great area for a great price, so we’re putting in an offer. It’s always tough to know what “the right move” is, but I believe God instills wisdom that fills in that gap. Wisdom says that this is a good move for our family. That’s helped me tie up some of the “what if” thinking in my life — I made the wise decision at the time.

Wise is not always stodgy and conservative. Sometimes wise is taking a risk and going out on a limb for something that’s well worth the price paid. I feel like a good chunk of the “wise” decisions I make may not look wise on the outside, but they’re stretching or compensating for things in places that aren’t obvious to others.

Here’s to hoping what I comprehend as wise is actually wise…


Moving to Texas

We moved… again!

After being in Santa Fe for a while, we realized that it was an opportune time to do something we’ve wanted to do for a while: move to the northern part of Dallas. We landed at an apartment in Frisco, which is a great area. Ultimately we want to wind up a bit further north and east (maybe McKinney or Melissa), but this will give us a bit of time to figure out exactly where we want to build a house.

It’s so nice to be in a state that doesn’t dictate every aspect of life. Having lived in Washington, California, and New Mexico, it’s been interesting to watch the Democrat politics take a hard turn to the left with a topping of authoritarianism. Living in a place that is moderate (about an equal mix of Republicans and Democrats) is nourishment to my soul.

My son is about to start school again, at which point we will really be settled in. Everything important is a five to ten minute drive away. It easily passes the Schmoll Locality Test, which dictates that a Starbucks, a Target, and a Best Buy must be within a 15-minute drive.

We also connected with a great local church that has a fantastic kids program. The kids are already comfortable with it and being back in-person at church is so wonderful after two years in physical isolation.

Our move has also presented an opportunity to improve in other areas. We’ve worked on a new habit of going on a walk every day. In addition, the plethora of parks in the area has necessitated that we enjoy a lot of outside time. That is very healthy for our family!

Excited about the future 🙂


Hello World!

Welcome to the launch of the journal of my journey!

I’ve had various web presences in the past… none of which were updated regularly or reflected what was currently going on. My goal is to actually update this with an entry every few days.

There’s so much to talk about, because there’s so much that goes on in my life. I’ve been more intentional about documenting what goes on in my life with a journal of daily accomplishments. My hope is that intentionality will carry over into this space as well!