Filling Body & Soul

Lately I’ve been thinking about the difference between things that fill the body and things that fill the soul.

For example, when I sit down, relax, watch some TV, and use my phone, my body gets filled. I get to relax, I get to zone out, and I get to do nothing productive.

When I play with my son or go on a family outing, my soul gets filled up. I get to fellowship, experience, and implore. My family gets to do the same.

Filling both the body and soul is important. They are different parts of our experience here on earth and I know God enjoys walking with us through it all.

I struggle with yes-no, this-that, black-white thinking. If one is good, the other must be the opposite. I often feel guilty about filling my body, but logically know I should not. It is just as important. Filling the soul, of course, is essential, too.

I want to feel comfortable here on Earth in this body. I’m a big fan of being comfortable. Somehow I want to fill my body and be comfortable, but also feel the aforementioned guilt about doing so. It’s a constant struggle to feel comfortable with feeling comfortable.

But today I’m happy and comfortable, feeling filled in body and soul. And I’m very thankful for days like today.