Good Weekend

Last weekend was awesome. I thought I’d be spending the whole weekend working on building or setting up a sofa we ordered on Wayfair, but we were pleasantly surprised on Friday evening when we received it and it was all assembled in two large pieces and just needed to be connected together.

We wound up getting so many other important things done around the house, and got that much closer to feeling “moved in”. I got to spend a ton of time focused on and playing with my son, which always makes me happy, because it makes him happy. In addition, we hung pictures on walls, cleaned up around the house, and got to enjoy the new sofa!

It’s now a week later on Friday evening and I’m just hoping that this weekend is as productive and enjoyable as last weekend. It’s definitely a blessing to be able to just spend weekends with my family. I know things will change when COVID-19 starts disappearing and there is a vaccine, but the home-centric nature of life suits me and my family so very well. I love being home!

Here’s to another good weekend…