Holidays, Family, Team, Future

It’s the holiday season and I’m so glad to be surrounded by family. Some of my family is afar, but at least my dad and his wife are nearby. And of course my wife and son are right here!

As time goes on, I find that I’m more and more passionate about my family and spending time with them. It’s Friday evening right now. I’m very excited that it’s the weekend and I get to hang out with my son for two straight days. During the week, my wife or dad & his wife watch my son, since I’m doing work. There’s definitely a re-evaluation of priorities that seems to move forward to a new phase every couple of years. Work seems to be the same — it’s there and needs to be. Family always trends higher and higher on the priority list. My dreams… well, that’s complicated.

Anyways, with the holidays coming up and spending time with family, my heart is filled. God gave me two imperfect-but-amazing parents that did their gosh-darned best to raise me and pour into my life. I get to do that now for my son. And my wife is a better mother than I could have asked for. Being able to be present for these people is probably the thing I treasure most in this world. Oh, look at that… I’m tearing up!

As a family, we are a team. We are a very strong team. I’ll never fight for any team like I fight for this one. But that leads me to another item.

I recently started a new job and have quickly realized I’m on a team with a great leader and good team members. The role involves working with many other teams and building many new relationships, so I’m hoping I can fulfill the “call” to live up to my team’s vision. But I feel like I’m being poured into and built up.

My vision for the future involves me being a leader to others and I’m never quite sure how God’s plan for my life and my vision for it line up, but I know there are some fundamentals that absolutely do line up perfectly:

  • pouring into my family
  • pouring into others
  • giving to others
  • living as an example of relentless faith in Jesus
  • sharing truth as I am familiar with it
  • sharing my journey to spread encouragement and hope

What this looks like in the future and how the specifics come about, I do not know for certain. My hope is that God will clearly guide my next steps. Hope for the future comes from my certainty of God’s provision — He has never, ever abandoned me, and I know He never will. My prayer is that He will give me confidence to step out in faith for what’s next.

Here’s to yet another good weekend…