Living In An Apartment

We’ve been staying in an apartment for most of the time that we’ve been here. It’s worked out well, but we definitely don’t want to be in the apartment forever. The idea is to purchase a house that we’ll be in for the next three years, at least. However, the market is probably going to take a big dive. But we really want a house!

Buy now? Lose value soon. Don’t buy now? No backyard for my son to play in this summer. It’s lose-lose to the worried side of me.

We need our space and we need room for our son to play. Being cramped in a small apartment is not a long-term possibility for us.

Actually, speaking of long-term possibility, I was downloading backgrounds on r/EarthPorn yesterday, and saw a gorgeous photo.

The photo that made me realize I am destined to live on the beach.

This photo made me realize that I am destined to live on the beach. My wife and I love going to the beach, being on the beach, staying at the beach, vacationing to the beach… BEACH!!! So that’s the long-term plan…

But for the time being, we like the city we’re in and will be here for a while. We’ll probably buy a house soon, because we really, really, REALLY want to be settled. I hope things go well and we get a good deal and don’t lose too much after the market dips.