Starting a new job & buying a new house

I accepted a new job at a SaaS service. They make an open source product and offer the product as a hosted service. It seems like a great spot thus far… folks are friendly and helpful.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in specialized areas and have not been able to grow as an engineer working with a variety of technologies. This new job is sort of a “reset” for me where I can step back and get back to fully working across the stack.

Simultaneously, we happen to be searching for a home to buy. Today we found a great townhome in a great area for a great price, so we’re putting in an offer. It’s always tough to know what “the right move” is, but I believe God instills wisdom that fills in that gap. Wisdom says that this is a good move for our family. That’s helped me tie up some of the “what if” thinking in my life — I made the wise decision at the time.

Wise is not always stodgy and conservative. Sometimes wise is taking a risk and going out on a limb for something that’s well worth the price paid. I feel like a good chunk of the “wise” decisions I make may not look wise on the outside, but they’re stretching or compensating for things in places that aren’t obvious to others.

Here’s to hoping what I comprehend as wise is actually wise…