The World Has Gone Crazy

A few days ago, on January 6, 2021, President Donald Trump held a rally in Washington, DC. The rally was to generate support for the people in congress who were challenging the results of 2020’s presidential election that was riddled with fraud that the mainstream media covered up.

After the rally, about 1% of the rally participants went over to the Capitol Building. Most of them looked like frustrated voters who were concerned for the state of the Republic. Some of them entered the building. A few of them went into the House and Senate rooms, as well as Nancy Pelosi’s office. A couple of them were dressed up in ridiculous outfits.

How did the left (mainstream media, major corporations, and Democrat politicians) respond? They:

  • Cried about a coup (the world’s most pathetic coup attempt, apparently!).
  • Revoked political donations to the election challengers (despite not doing the same for the Democrats who challenged the results of the past few Republican presidential victors).
  • Deflected the valid questions regarding their silence during the Antifa/BLM terrorism during 2020 (in which 23+ people were shot dead).
  • Permanently disabled President Trump’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and many other platforms (ie, censored the US President).
  • Permanently disabled over 70,000 conservative Twitter accounts.
  • Attacked conservative and free speech advocates nearly universally, sparking the hashtag #HangMikePence to trend on Twitter (and Twitter, of course, letting it happen).
  • Cancelled corporate service agreements with the RNC.
  • Told people that if they want free speech, to go start their own platform.
  • Coordinated to take Parler, a free speech Twitter alternative, offline by cancelling its AWS services and removing its apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store… all within the matter of a couple days.

They essentially felt that they had the freedom to destroy free speech in the US, and so they did.

Leftists will often become very pro-business and state “free speech is in the First Amendment and protects you from the government, and you don’t have a right to somebody else’s services”. Well, yes. Except that the Federalist Papers outline the importance of free speech and the right to it is ingrained in the culture of Americans. It’s more than a protection from government. It’s a national tradition.

And then when you point out that leftists have spent the past six years destroying the lives of cake bakers in Oregon and Colorado in an attempt to compel their speech in the midst of the topic of gay weddings, you realize that nothing about leftists is consistent, and everything about them is hypocrisy.

If leftists really wanted to protect the Capitol Building, they should have advocated against Former President Bill Clinton’s 2001 sentence commutation of Susan Rosenberg who was part of a communist terrorist group that actually BOMBED the Capitol Building in 1983. Yes, the Susan Rosenberg who now sits on the board of… Black Lives Matter.

We need to protect free speech and not let the statist, fascist leftists silence people they disagree with. Free speech is essential to a functioning and free society.